Commonly Asked Questions

What is a Roll of the Dice?

Roll of the Dice is an interactive training "game" created in 2011 by and for the King County Coalition on Racial Disproportionality as a means to educate its members about the causes and effects of racial disproportionality as it is found across major systems like education, health, child welfare and juvenile justice. The experience brings together readily available quantitative research/statistical measurements in a fun, personal and interactive manner that mobilizes participants to better digest, integrate and apply research and evaluation into their efforts. It feels like playing a game with the side benefit that participants learn how statistics and research can help them improve their communities. 
Who can participate?
Roll of the Dice is designed to work with groups of at least 40 people. Larger groups are encouraged. Participants should be high school age or above. The experience works well with most audiences (e.g.: community members, community organizers, social workers, teachers, health professionals, business leaders, students, etc.).
How long does it take to play?

The standard version of Roll of the Dice is designed to be presented in a 3 to 4 hour time frame.  A day-long (6 hours) option is also available.  This longer version is designed to start moving organizations and communities towards solutions. 
Why do you need at least 40 participants for the game?
Because the Roll of the Dice is based on common statistical data that is converted to probability statistics, a larger group is needed to provide for a statistically reliable experience. Smaller groups are more susceptible to outlier errors. They will be able to benefit from the materials presented didactically, but will not necessarily have the experiential understanding of the issues that inform optimal learning.

What knowledge and skills do the participants gain?

  • Awareness regarding statistical measures for racial disproportionality (over and under representation of diverse racial/ethnic groups) in the child welfare, health, social services, education, juvenile justice and criminal justice systems.
  • Awareness regarding the interrelation between race and class.
  • Understanding of how positive and negative individual and family outcomes are compounded by experiences with several systems.
  • Understanding of how systems (e.g.: education and child welfare) intersect on the issue of disproportionality

How much does the training cost?

There are two pricing models for Roll of the Dice.  Please contact us at or 319-621-8930 to explore your options. 

Partner Model  --  In this model, Roll of the Dice provides much of the logistics and online registration.  The cost is a per-participant (usually between $50 and $75 per person depending on format, length and travel costs).  In this model the host organization is usually responsible for location, coffee/food, and volunteers and marketing.  Both organizations share branding and registrant information.  To see additional hosting information click here.  To see upcoming training dates click here. 

Conference/Training Model – In this model, the hosting organization is responsible for all the preparations.  Roll the Dice trainers simply show up and train.   The base price for three to four hour training for up to 60 participants is $2000 plus travel.  60-110 Participants $2500. For conference keynotes or larger groups please contact us. at:   
Both Pricing Models include: 

  • Game Facilitation
  • Pre and post event technical assistance designed to support local hosts in their efforts to plan, market and process their group's experience.
  •  Use of Roll of the Dice game during event(s) 
  • Web –based access to data and data sources included in the game  

** Online registration services available for an additional fee. 

As funding allows -- groups and organizations compatible with the mission of Roll of the Dice, King County Racial Disproportionality Coalition, the Latino Community Fund, the Immigrant Rights Network and the Iowa Latino Community Fund may be eligible for discounts or an in-kind donation.  

What does a host group or organization need to provide?

Depending on the Pricing Model selected most of the host/partner organizations will provide:

  • A minimum of 40 participants
  • Power Point Projector and screen, Score card and instruction printing/copying (2 front/back pages per participant)
  • Coffee, Water and some snacks
  • Pens or pencils for participants


"The Roll of the Dice program addresses important issues in our community. Roll of the Dice is a particularly effective way to meet friends and gain valuable knowledge about resources to address racial and economic inequities in the community."

--Joe D. Coulter, Ph.D., 
Professor, Community and Behavioral Health, College of Public Health, University of Iowa

For more information please contact us at:

319-621-8930 or