Volunteer Job Description

Roll of the Dice volunteers should arrive one hour before the training in order to allow for Process Facilitator Training.  

Before the session:  Volunteers should plan to arrive one hour before the session.  They support local staff and the trainers by:

  • Helping to prepare the room (e.g. moving tables and chairs, setting up AV equipment, setting out coffee and snacks, etc.)
  • Participating in the Process Facilitator training so that they may assist other participants in the play of the game  – See Training Video
  • Welcome participants as they come in the door
  • Register participants

During the Roll of the Dice Training volunteers serve as Process Facilitators, supporting the trainers by:

  • Helping participants with the initial play of the game (rolling of the dice) and the completion of their scoring sheets.
  • Facilitating small group conversations.
  • Answering participant questions when appropriate.

 After the Roll of the Dice Training volunteers assist the trainers with:

  • Collecting and sorting game cards
  • Restoring the room to original condition

 Thank you so much for your support of this event!