Roll of the Dice

Exploring Systemic Racial and Economic Disproportionality

Roll of the Dice is an interactive training "game" designed to strengthen community leaders’ and professionals’ ability to understand and work with the causes and effects of racial and economic disproportionality.  The experience brings together readily available quantitative research/statistical measurements in a fun, personal and interactive manner that mobilizes participants to better digest, integrate and apply research and evaluation into their efforts. It feels like playing a game with the side benefit that participants learn about statistics and research that can help them improve their communities. 

“Roll the Dice is an excellent way to learn about disparities in social and economic outcomes.  It is fun, informative and accessible. John-Paul Chaisson-Cardenas is an engaging and knowledgeable facilitator and teacher of these issues.  I highly recommend Roll the Dice to anyone who wants to learn more about disparities affecting our communities.”

-- Leo Sergio Morales, Physician-Investigator at the Group Health Research Institute and Associate Professor of Health Services at the University of Washington

“The Roll of the Dice game is pure genius! Rarely do we have an opportunity to broaden our understanding of the range of systems at work that perpetuate and maintain racial and economic disparities, in a real world simulation. It is an experience everyone (at all levels) working in education, criminal justice, and other human service organizations need to experience. It will change how you look at the plight of marginalized people in America and force you to think deeply about how they should be served.”

 Pamela A. Taylor, Ph.D. -- Center for the Study of Justice in Society Associate Professor Curriculum and Instruction Program College of Education Seattle University

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