Consulting Services

Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better.                 -- Sydney J. Harris

Strategy Consulting

For nonprofit leaders, establishing a shared vision for their organization and developing a plan of action to get there is a critical responsibility.  Transition Facilitator Group (TFG) focuses on both the process and the results. We seek opportunities to support positive change, growth and high-performance in agencies and organizations.  

What is Transition Facilitation?

It’s not the change that people resist…’s the feelings, insecurities and habits.  Agencies and organizations spend significant amounts of time, energy and resources on both strategic planning and change management. Unfortunately, they often assume that people will simply adjust to new ways of doing things. The reality is they probably won’t.

Transition management does not only mange the change but also addresses the people side of the equation.

 Managing Organizational Transition towards Positive Results

Whether it be a sudden change, like the loss of an Executive Director or planned change like moving towards a more inclusive model of practice.  Transition Facilitator Group focuses on how to lead people through transition more successfully. It increases the organization’s ability to move transitions along more quickly and capitalize on the opportunities that change provides. 

 “I served as the Iowa Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety under Governor Tom Vilsack. During that that period, John-Paul also served under Governor Vilsack as Director of the Iowa Division of Latino Affairs working with immigrant, limited-English and Latino communities. We worked together on Iowa's Highways and Racial Profiling-Community Conversations project and the important action steps that were implemented. Based on my work with John-Paul, I have no doubt that he possess the leadership skills, independent judgment, public policy experience, and integrity to serve with distinction as an executive leader of any organization. “  -- Kevin Techau,  Associate General Counsel at Amercan Equity Investment Life Insurance Company

 “John-Paul works with integrity and efficiency to bring about systemic change in a participatory way that increases inclusion and social justice. His holistic approach is very effective.”  -- Cornelia Flora, PhD, Distinguished Professor at Iowa State University

 “I have had the pleasure to work on with John-Paul on several community related projects. He partners very well, has the ability to build relationships quickly, is fully engaged in the work and is totally committed to achieving the outcomes.”  -- Brad Pomroy, IT Director, Office of the CIO, Business Intelligence, Web Services, Integration, DBA, Corporate Functions

 “I’ve worked as a board member with John-Paul during his time in community foundation philanthropy in Seattle and found him to be an effective fundraiser, an excellent developer of organizational structure, and someone who has an unshakeable commitment to the communities he serves. He has a grounding in both academic and activist approaches to organizing, and he is at home in diverse settings. He seeks results and knows how to measure true progress. I would recommend him for any number of positions in the fields of social change, education, and social services.”

-- Nick Yasinski, PhD,  Department Administrator at University of Washington

Example of Areas of Expertise:

  • Moving research and evaluation into improved practice
  • Administration and General Management
  • Board Development and Governance
  • Inclusion (includes civil rights compliance, cultural competence, anti-racism, diversity, etc.)
  • Organizational and Community Capacity Building
  • Strategic use of Social Media and Online Databases
  • Development & Fundraising
  • Organizational Change (leadership loss, crisis, strategic retargeting, etc.)  
  • Meeting and Group Facilitation and Mediation
  • Interim Management Services
  • Leadership Development & Executive Coaching
  • Outreach strategy and implementation
  • Organizational Development
  • Program development, design and launch
  • Program Evaluation
  • Public Policy & Public Affairs
  • Public Relations
  • Strategic & Tactical Planning
  • Social Enterprise Development

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.
        --Lao Tzu